1. Mene Tekel 2016 programme revealed

  2. The 7th year is over, long live Mene Tekel 2014!

    • Date: 22 Mar, 2013 at 10:48AM,
    • This years festival was accompanied by a unexpectedly high interest of visitors, which were appreciating the wide selection of the festival and the professional realisation of the project. A big “thank you” belongs to everyone who was helping us and without which the festival would not able to accomplish it’s goals.

  3. Initiative “Legal settlement of the crimes of communism“

    • Date: 26 Mar, 2012 at 12:35PM,
    • Organisations and legal persons wishing to join the Declaration 2012 may send the text „We support the Declaration 2012“, the name and address of the organisation and the name of the statutory representative to the e-mail:

  4. Initiative for respectable utilization of prison in the city of Uherske Hradiste

    • Date: 26 Feb, 2010 at 8:06AM,
    • On Friday, 22 January, was in the city of Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic established a civic initiative whose objective is to initiate and support moves for respectable utilization of the deserted prison in Uherske Hradiste.
  5. The best jazz violinist of Canada in 2006 Ed Vokurka a prest. guest to the festival

    • Date: 10 Feb, 2008 at 1:56PM,
    • He has been a professor at the Toronto Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology for 30 years. Ed Vokurka is a holder of academic title Master of Applied Arts and Scinece (M.Sc.) …
  6. Two foreign TV crews are taking part in the festival 2008

    • Date: 8 Feb, 2008 at 9:06AM,
    • Two TV crews of the Toronto television NOVAVISE are taking part at the festival. They are going to record the whole course of the Mene Tekel project. Documentaries of TV group "Nový záběr" (New scene) will be presented. They deal with former political prisoners, the architect Milan Havlín and Eda Ottová.

  7. Unique portraits of former political prisoners at the Karolinium

    • Date: 24 Jan, 2007 at 7:34PM,
    • In the first half of the year 2006 a Swiss photographer Simon Frey learned by coincidence about the existence of an active organization of the communist regime political prisoners in the Czech Republic.


The 10th year of the international festival against totalitarianism, evil and violence, for the memory of the nation Mene Tekel 2016 will be held from February 22 till February 28, 2016.

Organized by the civic association Art Without Barriers, the City of Prague, the Confederation of Political Prisoners, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Ministry of Culture.

The patrons the festival:

  • Mayor of the City of Prague Mgr. Adriana Krnáčová
  • Rector of Charles University in Prague Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA
  • Auxiliary Bishop of Prague, Msgr. Václav Malý
  • President of the Confederation of Political Prisoners, MUDr. Naděžda Kavalírová 
  • Vice-president of the Senate MUDr. Přemysl Sobotka
  • Minister of Culture Mgr. Daniel Herman

International auspices:

  • Inter-ASSO (International Association of Former Political Prisoners and Victims of Communism)  

Cooperating organizations and institutions:

Czech Television — Center for educational programs, Czech TV — Studio Ostrava, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, The Archive of Security Forces of the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic, Charles University in Prague, the National Archives, the National Film Archives, the City Library of Prague, Initiative “Legal settlement of the crimes of communism“, Czech Radio, Law Faculty of the Charles University, the Supreme Court Prague, Archbishopric of Prague, Czech Lawyers Association Všehrd, the initiative of political prisoners "”, Prague Academic Club 48, Union PTP, Canadian Embassy in CR, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in CR, Embassy of Hungary in CR, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in CR,  Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in CR, Carolinum -  Association of Graduates and Friends of Charles University, Czech Technical Battalions Association, Club of Dr. Milada Horáková, Christian Academy Forum in Prague, civic association Orel, Christian Seniors Association, Junák — Scouts Association, Society of Antonín Švehla, civic association Daughters of Fifties, Hotel Duo, Association of Private Agriculture in CR.

Partner of Festival Mene Tekel: 

Hotel Duo — je partnerem festivalu Mene Tekel